''Get to know more about London''

The moment I had arrived to the UK I was instantly thrilled by the environment of the city. The people whom I happened to meet in the first few days of my residence in the country all were from different cultures and backgrounds. Often I found it difficult to communicate, as I never really had the chance to practice, nonetheless I'd managed to learn the language in a very short pace of time by engaging in conversations with the surroundings who the majority were native english speakers. Though, you shouldn't really worry about the language, as you would usually need to speak English everyday, either by asking for advice, explaining the directions, ordering your favorite meal, etc. There is a lot to discover for everyone about this beautiful, rich in heritage city that has much more to bring to the table than one may perceive. We will discuss in detail about London later in this article.

The transportation services are flexible and are designed to help the travelers reach their destinations smoothly. Whether you take buses, overground trains, tubes or taxis for any purpose, either would be very useful if you intend to travel a long distance. In any circumstances, it's advisable to have your own car. You would also find the varieties of cousins that you can choose from at a very low cost. In spite of its costs, the british food is always delicious and fresh, that would leave you satisfied for the day. Try a bit of chinese, indian, polish and spanish food, which you'd come across in many areas of the city. Regardless of ones particular preferences, the type of cousines available in London would certainly suit everybody's taste.

The prices in London, as far as property is concerned, aren't very expensive, yet some are reasonably cheap. Whatever the choice of accommodation you have in mind, we want to make sure that the costs fit the budget of each individual seeking to have a decent living. With regards to employment, the situation is no different in any country. We are or at least should be aware that the level of competition in the market now has an impact on bringing in new employment prospects for the candidates who don't necessarily have relevant experience or qualifications  which as a result makes it hardly possible for them to find a right job with good compensation rates. 

The fact is, the companies demand the candidates to have good qualifications and years of experience in the industry they are interested in and want to pursue. In other words, to be successful in your profession, you need to have the ability to convince the company that you possess the skills they are looking for to perform the job. In which case we should take our education as a priority and continue to expand the knowledge we already have in the field to achieve a more rewarding career in the future. 

There are universities to which you can apply to study for a degree in a series of subjects. London facilitates public institutions for everyone, despite their educational or professional background. The financial support for full time students those under the age of 20 is applicable, unless they are working. However, of course, the decision on the application for student finance is based on the circumstances of the students. The families with children up until the age of 18 are eligible for funding as well, e.g, council tax, child tax credit and other financial aid they require.

The most common tourist attractions in London:

Covent Garden 

Tower Bridge 

 Tower Bridge at night

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Hyde Park

London Eye 

Trafalgar Square

I have to admit that London is a spectacular city offering a wide range of attractions and places for the tourists to see. We recommend that you stay in the country whenever you come to visit for a couple of weeks minimum to uncover the actual treasure and heritage of London.

Hope you enjoy your vacation in London!