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Before you plan on making any arrangements for your visit to U.S, I would kindly advise you to refer to a step by step guide which is given for you here to help you become familiar with what you may expect to experience during your stay in America. If you are looking to find the answers to your questions on how to make the best of your travel to America, you will find the below information very valuable. To begin with, I would like to introduce a couple of details for you in regard to the over all status of habitability, employment, transportation as well as its civilization that is currently in the state of America. Now, if we move along, we will delve further into what benefits your journey to the country can deliver for the tourist someone like you. 


U.S currency comes in coins, such as dollars- $, and cents. If you are an International Citizen traveling from abroad, it is always possible to exchange your foreign currency at most large banks, tourist centers, as well as agencies in the terminal of major airports. But you will receive the best rate by rather taking the (ATM), teller machine to your advantage. They're available everywhere, though some banking networks charge an additional funds per transaction. Another method to optimize the exchange rate is to make purchases by the substitute with a credit card. The supreme credit cards are widely approved across the U.S. As the matter of fact, some businesses such as hotels, require a credit card to confirm the reservation. Retain a certain amount of U.S currency, or traveler's checks on hand for use in an emergency.

Medical Health Center

Medical facilities can be found in all hospitals as well as other urgent care clinics, of which do not authorize the delivery of appointments. Although, under non-life threatening circumstances, it is however more advisable to ring in advance. The provision of health- care is superior in the U.S, on the other hand, it can be highly expensive. In case you happen to consider this as your priority, or rather wish to eliminate such complications in the future, you should have the Traveler's Health Insurance already purchased prior to the residency in the country, whether that is either for the family-vacation or business purposes.

Social Customs

U.S culture is as diverse as geography, and what is considered good manners frequently changes from region to region.  Americans are usually an easygoing people - commonly open and welcoming, but scrutinizing a few customs will guarantee a fortuitous trip. As far as clothing equipment is concerned, casual, business-dress is sometimes required in high-end restaurants and private clubs, but the compulsion towards such stipulations have recently receded. Nevertheless, if you plan to attend a special event, its probably more advisable to risk being overdressed, rather than too casual. Small gifts are appreciated when you come for a visit to someone's property.

Keep alert before you light up. Smoking is much less affirmed here than it once was. In fact, it’s illegal in many establishments and often banned entirely. Even entire cities – including Seattle and New York – are “smoke free” in most public areas. Check for no-smoking signs and never light up unless you’re sure it’s allowed. It’s polite to ask for permission if you’re in the company of others. Shaking hands is the usual form of greeting, however many Americans are quite casual and demonstrative: it’s not altogether unusual to receive a hug and sometimes even a friendly kiss on the cheek from someone you’ve only just met.

''We want you to get the most out of your trip throughout the period of your residency in America. So why not take a look at one of the ultimately spectacular places to visit of your particular interest.'' Such as following:

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park, one of the first national parks in the United States. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and attains a depth of over a mile (6,000 feet / 1,800 meters). Nearly two billion years of the Earth’s geological history have been exposed as the Colorado River and its tributaries cut their channels through layer after layer of rock while the Colorado Plateau was uplifted. While the specific geologic processes and timing that formed the Grand Canyon are the subject of debate by geologists, recent evidence suggests the Colorado River established its course through the canyon at least 17 million years ago. Since that time, the Colorado River continued to erode and articulate the canyon to its present-day configuration. The vast Grand Canyon is in fact without doubt America's most breathtaking natural attraction and has long been a major American tourist destination. Each year the region's tourism industry attracts more than five million visitors to the National Park and the Grand Canyon Village. Many tourists choose to visit the South Rim area, where hiking and whitewater rapids are a popular recreational activity.

U.S National Parks

From sea to shining sea, America contains some of the best national parkland in the world. While each of the 58 National Parks in the US offer beautiful scenery and great outdoors experiences, these 5 offer just a little something extra that make them not only beautiful, but incredible. One of the things we think people forget about the USA is its outstanding natural beauty. Away from the identikit mega-malls and bland burger chains, America is all about the great outdoors. Its 50 states are blessed with some of the most fantastic National Parks in the world; a vast cinematic sweep of mountains, lakes, canyons, rivers, forests and beaches. The areas under the National Park System are preserved by the US government for public use, so are uniformly well structured and easy to explore. They are also perfect for budget travelers – with such beautiful (and free) natural scenery to investigate, all you need to pay for is supplies, transport and somewhere to crash after a hike! With over 58 parks to choose from, though, you’ll need a guide to the great outdoors before you set off! 

Here’s our pick of the top National Parks:

Yosemite National Park

Badlands, South Dakota

Denali National Park

Glacier Saint Mary Lake

Don't miss the chance and be the first to acknowledge the real treasure the country has to offer.