Pondicherry is a diminutive town in the South East coast of India, famous for its French colonial heritage, its cosmopolitan culture and the beaches which have yet managed to preserve along with the festivals solidly distinctive from the rest of the Indian subcontinent. The Union Terrain of Pondicherry is surrounded by the digit of four different coastal regions following as Karaikal, Yanam, Viz-Pondicherry and Ma-he, where the sphere has been significantly disseminated by three states in the country – Pondicherry in Tami Nadu, Ma-he in the West Coast of Kerala as well Yanam in Andre Pradesh, frequently referred as '' A little piece of Medieval France in India.''

Matri Mandir

This is a spiritual and a physical center. It is a testimonial to The Mother as a vision of unity and harmony to mankind. The remarkable monument in the form of a massive golden globe is a place for quite reflection and meditation. The inner sanctuary, unlike the traditional temple, does not enshrine an image of the mother but has an abstract representation of her notion of spirituality rendered in light and glass.

We now would like to introduce you to some of the most amazing locations based within the district of Pondicherry, as follows:

Tourism enthrallment and the places to discovered for every tourist.

The Beaches


Auroville beach is based just outside town (about 10 km from Pondicherry) and is much more peaceful than the Serenity Beach (during weekdays). Chunnambar backwaters are a popular spot for adventure activities, such as scuba diving, surfing and other water sports. The main tourist circle of Pondicherry is constructed by its four major beaches, e.g. Promenade, Paradise, Serenity and Auroville. The beaches are pro-fused with life and provide amazing tourist satisfaction, as you would also be able to see various important structures in the nearby places, including an old lighthouse. Strolling on the lovely beaches and tracing the cultural background would be an unmitigated delight for a visitor.

The Magnificent Historical Statues

This is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi on the beach of Pondicherry, a city South of Chennai. Pondicherry, Mahe (on the west coast) Yanem and Karaikkal were distributed over the coast and remained as the Dominion of France when the Indian subcontinent was held under the government of Britain. They acquired independence only much later, having then remained beneath the direct Central authority for a certain time. Due to many attractions following such as Auroville and the heritage of French culture including its architecture, this city is now a tourist destination. Pondicherry is a city, prodigious on historical appreciation of freedom fighters, patriotic leaders and intellectuals. Thereby a lot of monuments and statues have been surrendered by these beloved precursors. Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru can be revealed in the streets, while statues of the French heroes, Joseph Francois Duple-ix and Joan of Arc can also be seen in Goubert Avenue and Dumas Street Church, duly.


Boasting of its proud history, Pondicherry treasures all the incidents having taken place in the city. The galleries inherit war reflections and cultural artifacts, enabling a tourist to become aware of the city’s heritage. The Bharathidasan Museum, is a treasure house of the works of the 20th Century poet by the same identity, as well as Jawahar Toy Museum, The French War Memorial on Goubert Avenue and the Museum for youngsters are some other places, worth seeing.

Garden And Parks

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens situated in the center of the city provides a cool retreat from the oppressing heat and humidity. It lounges over a 22 acres area, and here you can just relax, listen to the twittering of birds and uncover the rich variety of flora.The Botanical Gardens is 178 years old. There you will find each and every tree or plant labeled with scientific, common and Tamil names. This has been possible due to the efforts of Department of Tourism. Pondicherry has its fair contribution of landscape beauty as well, within its beautiful gardens. Take a look at the Botanical Gardens, which is a replica of French architecture offering a musical fountain for entertainment. Ousters Wetland and National Park will familiarize you to the aquatic world of the city, along with its array of water birds. 


Italy - A Place To Escape

Italy is incontestably one of the most worth a visit locations for all the tourists. During the term of your stay within the vicinity, there is a guarantee of a remarkable experience in the journey that we'd recommend you considered arranging with a union of friends or a family, and eventually come to conclusion that this opportunity is not to be missed.

Allow us to present to you other three, yet absolutely amazing sight-seeing territories of the country.


You can’t go spurious with a city that gave birth to the likes of Leonardo Dan Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Boccaccio to classify just a few of the luminaries of the arts, sciences and humanities. There are so many places of interest to see in Florence that one might have to accomplish several expeditions just to savor the experience and grant a good rationale to the companion of siblings and others.

Ponte - Vecchio

The city itself has several modes of transportation to get you around. This is essential as some regions are best traveled on foot in order to relish in the actual ambiance of Florence.The churches, cathedrals, museums are fine, however don’t omission on the festivals and shopping centers! You will find an abundance of extraordinary crafted goods to purchase and possess as souvenirs, or dispatch as gifts. No one can doubt the joy of a fine Italian meal, and here in Florence you’ll receive that home cooked delight which will keep you smiling for a lifetime. Seafood and spices that only Florence can dish up are so a part of the vacationer, and the cuisine of the country is willing to recommend is always equally embraced by the tourist. So get your sights set on Florence, Italy and realize you’re on the pursuit of the trip down memory lane that goes back close to 2,000 years.


Milan, the capital of Lombardy, is inhabited by a range of 1.3 million citizens. It is the biggest Industrial City of Italy with many distinctive modern sectors, envisaged as a magnetic summit by the designers, artists, photographers as well as models. Milan has an ancient city center with formidable and interesting buildings and plaza's, which is the primary motive to encourage many people from all over the world to come and visit the city of glamor. 



In this part of town you can visit Fountain di Trev, the Aurelius Walls, the Capuchin Monastery, Le Quattro Fontanel, Palazzo Massimo, Baths of Diocletian, the market and palace Barberini, the Quirinal Palace and several other interesting churches. Ancient Rome is the center of medieval and Renaissance city, with beautiful squares, cathedrals and the famous Pantheon. The center of this region is Colosseum district with the Roman Forum of Augustus, the Forum and Market of Trajan, including the Capitol Hill with its museums. The journey to Rome arranged at any season has many excellent facilities on offer for the vacationer to explore. 

Determination of the best time for the tourism of Rome, means judging the statistics of exigencies and wants prior to the establishment on any solid tactics, to ensure that your ideal vacation is what you receive. There are both frigid and stifling warm periods throughout the year. More than often, an extremely occupied occasions take place when crowds dissipate and the significant expanse within the state of Rome can be efficiently navigated and uncovered. Expense levels also distinguish greatly through Rome's diverse terms, equally presenting costly as well as economical times to travel. Hence these elements portray a fantastic opportunity for the tourist whilst planning to take the transportation to the country.

The Passage

Rome transportation is readily at one's disposal in virtually any mode you want or need to get around this bustling city. Cycling, walking, driving, boating, and the Metro in Rome blend together to devise an assembly of inviting options. Furthermore, the city incorporates a compressed and ancient European capital, and its compact array that makes it an easy destination to discover for the pedestrians in particular. A car tariff is another advantage, but bear in mind that driving in Rome can be a harrowing experience for outsiders.


Kerala Travel Guide

''The charm of Kerala lies in its unique sentiment of the civilization, something which is not discovered or experienced anywhere else in the world.''
Kerala is a destination growing in popularity in India. It is equipped with many fascinating sights, such as the palm-fringed beaches, enchanting backwaters, beautiful hilltop villages, incredible temples, palaces and historic churches. Not only this beautiful country is also nominated for personal care, holistic Paramedic treatment that dispenses a sense of rejuvenation into the body, mind and soul. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the globe arrive to Kerala to enjoy the holiday splendor. It is the ideal destination for nature ardors, travelers, honeymooners and tourists.

Kerala Backwaters

One such an exclusive attraction, or rather an exhilarating experience comes in the designation of a trip to Kerala Backwaters. For those who have come across the term backwaters for the first time, here's a bit of explanation as to what it actually is. Backwaters are formed when the sea water converges at the beach by the to and fro motion of waves. In Kerala, they constitute the canals, lakes, lagoons and estuaries. The integral network incorporates five large lakes connected by 1500 km of canals. Most of them are natural, however, there are man fabricated canals as well. These are supplied by 38 rivers that flow through the entire state.

Kerala is an incurring destination among the lovers of adventure. As an adventure destination, Kerala, offers its visitors infinite opportunities to unleash their enthusiastic self. The high mountains, gushing river, dense forests and the vast stretches of ocean water present just the right capital to let go the hesitation and get oneself involved in some really exciting activities. Tourists interested in becoming a bit adventurous, therefore, will have plenty to rejoice about when they reach Kerala. From water sports to wildlife tour, choices are numerous and abundant.

People and Lifestyle

As with the rest of the south India, Kerala also, in ancient times, was dictated by the Dravidian. Hence, the influence of the race is very much apparent even today. Though, the majority of inhabitants in the sovereignty are Hindus of whom are considerable percentages of Christian and Muslim population as well. The co existence of diverse communion, as a result, has made the people not only extremely tolerant, rather it has given birth to a sense of respect for other ritual faith as well. The official language of the nation is Malaya-lam where the community is referred to as Malaya-lees. English is also spoken widely as Kerala commands the tribute of being hundred percent literate state.

The term Eco tourism encompasses a whole lot of thing. For the starter, it means visiting all those regions that exude a striking richness in their culture and nature. Moreover, Eco tourism also implies being sensitive to one's surroundings and customs, which means, that tourists are pretty well prospective of the significance these places symbolize in our lives and the need to protect them from being decimated by the fast pace of development. Last but definitely not the least, Eco Tourism is described as opening up different places for a visit, and in the process generate employment and business.

Head out on the streets of Kerala cities and regions and see how modernity has adapted well with traditionalism. Moreover, every city and region exemplify its own history to relate and its individual legend to revel in. There are temples, cathedrals, mosques that speak volumes of the distinction of carnival in the state, and there are forts and palaces that are a standing reminder of the past. Also, you will find the shopping centers displaying the art and craft items of its community, as well as public dining serving exotic Kerala cuisine. You can obtain few items from the markets as a memory of your visit and relish the delectable dishes to greatest of your satisfaction. 

So, begin an unforgettable journey of your life by an attempt to visit a different magnitude of the cities and region of Kerala. We truly hope that you enjoy the vacation!


Welcome to Bulgaria!


[Introducing Bulgaria]

Bulgaria's spectacular mountains, swathe of golden beaches and vibrant cities have begun attracting hordes of eager-eyed tourists over the past few years - a dramatic change to how the country was a mere 10 years ago. In fact, Bulgaria has been through stupendous changes in the last few years, with many of the cities and resorts undergoing construction booms galore, tempting buyers from Western Europe with relatively cheap property and stunning landscapes. Bulgaria's beautiful beach and ski resorts are elaborating quickly and as a result have discouraged visitors from relying on the expensive European destinations with an exchange for a rather a low-priced lift passes and accommodation options. The main cities have shrugged off their weary Communist-era image and have become vibrant and magnetic, with well-preserved boulevards, varied shopping and lively nightlife. In contrast, many towns and villages have acquired the authentic Bulgarian spirit and hospitality. Furthermore, the country is most significantly proud of its affluent folklore traditions.

Languages, its religion and culture

Bulgarian is the official language and the Cyrillic alphabet is used, as the EU only nation to be put into requisition. Turkish and Macedonian are among the minority languages. English, German including French are spoken in major tourist resorts and hotels. As far as morality is concerned, the majority of the population in the country are Christian, the main denomination being Bulgarian Orthodox Church with a membership of 83% of the community. Eastern Orthodox Christianity is considered to be the traditional communion in Bulgaria. There is also a symbolic Muslim minority (13%) and a small Jewish society.

Weather & Climate

Most suitable period for a visit
The climate in Bulgaria varies according to altitude. Summers are warmest with some rainfall, with the south feeling the influence of the Mediterranean. The predominantly recommendable months to visit are mid-June to September when the days are long and sunny. Winters are cold with good snowfall in the mountains. On the other side, January may the best time for skiing in Bulgaria. It rains frequently during spring and autumn season. 

Visa and Passport authorities


A passport valid for at least three months beyond the length of stay is required by foreign citizens traveling to Bulgaria.

Note: EU nationals (1) are only obligated to produce an evidence of their EU nationality and identity in order to be admitted to any EU member state. This evidence can take the form of a valid national passport or national identity card. Either is acceptable. Please note that validity of the documents - EU passport and/or ID card issued from one of the EU countries - should extend for at least three months past the day within the departure from Bulgaria. Possession of a return ticket and sufficient funds for the length of their proposed arrival is compulsory.


Nationals of EU countries for a stay of up to 90 days; for residence longer than 90 days nationals will need to register with the local police and obtain the appropriate permit;
Citizen members of Australia, Canada and USA for touristic lodging programmed of up to 90 days.

Types and expenses - Single-entry visa: US$90; transit visa: US$90; long-term visa: US$150.

Validity - Single - entry visas are valid for entering Bulgaria no later than 3 months of the date of issue.

Working days - The process of the application after its submission can take from 10 to 30 days, depending on the type of visa claimed for.

A couple of of the specific places you might just consider worth a visit with your family and friends. 

These are the following:

Ivan Vazov

The Ivan Vazov National Theater is one of the particularly important landmarks of Sofia. Also it portrays the role of being Bulgaria's national theater and the most authentic building in the country. It is located in the center of the city, with the facade facing the City Garden. Among other places of interest are the Palace of Justice, Sts. Cyril and Methodius National Library, National Palace of Culture, Monument to the Tsar Liberator, St Nedelya Church, National Historical Museum, Boris-ova gradina, Vitosha mountain and many other sights and enchantment.Nowadays, Sofia is a cosmopolitan city and is the center of various international events, offering an excellent opportunities for congresses, conferences, meetings and fairs. Special business facilities and a deluxe range of hotels are situated in the vicinity of the bustling city center. There are also numerous small private hotels within the district for those who love tranquility.

Bachkovo Monastery

The second monumental Bulgarian monastery, the Bachkovo cloister, lies in the valley of the Chepelare river (also recognized by the locals as Chaya), about 10km to the south of the town of Assenovgrad. On all sides, the monastery is surrounded by the hills of the Rhodopi mountain, which together with its size and ancient spirit make it one of the most visited monasteries in Bulgaria. The complex and its neighborhood have grown into a well-established tourist sight where dozens of small markets, stalls, restaurants occupy both the sides of the walkway towards the gates and appeal with their variety for travelers. One can find everything here that grows or is being manufactured in the Rhodopi

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

It is one of the symbols of Sofia and primary tourist incentives, and is certainly the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world. The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral can take 5,000 people into the building that measures an average of 45 m high gold-plated dome, along with the bell tower reaching up to 50.52 m. The total weight of temple’s 12 bells is around 23 tons. And the interior environment is embellished with many luxurious material elements, such as Italian marble in various capacities as well as Brazilian onyx and other.

Varna City

The experience of tourism at its best when visiting Varna, Bulgaria’s sea capital popularity which are in-recompensed of rabies tides, is sure to captivate you and help you relax while you are taking another glimpse of the city. Along the coast are picturesque places such as the Royal Palace in Balchik, Kamchiya of nature reserves, and the hillside monastery Aladzha. The high season for tourism in Varna is during the months of July and August, when people flock to the beaches and enjoy the summer heat. Varna as well as the amazing city of Plovdiv and Sofia, has its impartial share of contribution to Bulgarian's culture, history and tourism.

Vidin Center

Beautiful park along the Danube River

Located on the banks of the river Danube, Vi-din is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria, since it was constituted over 2,000 years ago.Vidin can not be one of the wealthiest cities in Bulgaria, but is abundant in natural beauty that attracts many tourists. One district of the Bulgaria is consolidated with a city park formed with trees, ranging from the cruise port to the medieval fortress along the river Danube. Built between the ages 10 and 13, Baba Vida is one of the few remaining strongholds in Bulgaria and is a milestone not to be missed when he set foot in the town of Vi-din.

The city of Bulgaria - ''The experience of the journey you will always be willing to remember.''


''USA Adventures''

The great attraction of the USA is its incredible diversity. The home is to dynamic cities and minor towns that vary dramatically from region to region and the awe-inspiring national parks unparalleled for their majesty and assortment. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Arches and Glacier National Parks, contest for your attention with the iconic sights and culture of San Francisco, Boston and New Orleans. Eastern energy, slow-paced deep southern charm and the laid back lifestyle of the west coast synthesize to create a phenomenal melting pot of virtually anything. Swathes of mountain forests, rivers, canyons and cacti studded deserts integrate with the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, rich Native American culture and that cowboy spirit, for an amazingly varied traveling experience. 

San Francisco, California, is a spectacular peninsula surrounded by water on three marginals and grows from the inside out. This modern city has become one of America's favorites and is visually brilliant, with many world-famous steep hills offering incredible views of San Francisco Bay and the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in 1937 and immediately became the longest suspension bridge in the world. The Pacific Ocean framework the westerly boundary of the peninsula, while San Francisco Bay lies directly to the east. In total there are three main districts - downtown (between the bay, Market Street and Van Nessa Avenue), South of the Market District (So Ma) and the westerly side of the city, which is mainly residential and encompasses Pacific Heights, Richmond, the Golden Gate Park and the Marina area. For everything in the way of tourism, pay a visit to the highly regarded San Francisco Visitors Information Center, which is located within the Halli-die Plaza on the corner of Market Street and Powell Street.

An accommodation in San Francisco can be a little expensive, but there is certainly a significant number of hotels to choose from. There are usually some excellent value hotel deals to be found, even in the heart of San Francisco, particularly when you book in advance. The summer season is when most hotels tend to hike their rates, although do expect foggy mornings at this time of the year. Weekend reservations are necessary several weeks beforehand when staying at this city. For the cheapest and most readily available lodging, consider your establishment at one of the mainstream chains on Lombard Street or Fisherman's Wharf, while San Francisco hostels provide a good alternative for backpackers or those on a tight budget. The most popular youth hostels can be retrieved sited on stretches such as the Isadora Duncan Lane, Farrell and Sacramento Street.

Golden Gate Park

Another major San Francisco tourist attraction is the Hakone Japanese Tea Garden, situated in the vast Golden Gate Park. These traditional Japanese gardens authorize the most tranquil place in the whole of the city and envelope around 2 hectares / 5 acres. With koi carp ponds, pagodas, drum bridges and a Japanese Tea Room, these exquisite landscaped gardens are well worth a visit. The local climate is generally mild and very sunny, in spite of the famous morning fog. The city is without question a lively and companionable Californian destination, with some highly developed areas, including tall skyscrapers, and contrasting, more traditional districts, such as Chinatown - home to one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia. The cosmopolitan city of San Francisco is diverse, open minded, exciting and most of all, enjoyable.


Boston, MA, is a relatively compact city and most of the major places of interest are conveniently within walking distance of each other. This is an especially historic city, being first endowed in the early part of the 17th century and incorporated as a city in 1822. Regarded by many to be nothing short of the New England capital, Boston comes with many different neighborhoods, a figure of which have become famous in their own authority. The most prominent of these include the districts of Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Charles-town, Chinatown, Dorchester, Fen-way-Kenmore, Hyde Park, North End, South End and West End. Downtown Boston is where the bustling Financial District is based, being home to gleaming high-rise buildings that integrate to make the city's distinctive waterfront skyline. Various tourism offices are present in the city and its suburbs, with the Boston Common Tourist Information Center next to Tremont Street being a safe bet. Others append the Boston National Historical Park Visitors Center, across from the Old State House, and the Cambridge Office for Tourism Information on Harvard Square in nearby Cambridge, close to JF Kennedy Street and the popular Atrium Shopping Center.

For more information about the city, please visit our website: Boston travel guide

New Orleans

Louisiana’s marshy Mississippi Valley is one of the most attractive areas of the USA. New Orleans, its largest city, is one of the country’s major tourist destinations. It is famed for Dixieland jazz, architecture, superb cuisine and its unique French Quarter. The city also manifests a wide choice of museums and galleries. Other places to see in the state include Lafayette, a city of magnificent gardens and the start of the 40km (25 mile) Azalea Trail; the scrutinized Basin, the largest and most remote swamp in the USA; the huge salt domes of Avery; and Alexandria, surrounded by forests and parks. The 138m- (452ft-) high marble and limestone Capitol Building is situated in Baton Rouge. Louisiana was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but most of the tourism appeal including the infrastructure have been rectified and are open to visitors. Many areas of New Orleans are still totally devastated, but on the whole the city is recovering and tourism is intensifying once again.

French Quarter

The French Quarter New Orleans is a beautiful district that is a blend of history, civilization, superstition, and modern convention. The multi-level abodes, which date back to the 1700s, are predominately Spanish structures with a bit of French influence. They create an air of old-world charm amidst the host of actors, dancers, singers, jugglers, musicians, artists, and performers of all ranges sharing their arts with the passersby. The warm breeze and bohemian mood surround tourists, enveloping them in the merriment and embracing them into the heart of the Vieux CarrĂ©. Shops offering souvenirs, masks, clothing equipment, food, drink, and every other conceivable desire can be found down one long avenue or another. 

Floating above the city's sounds and music, a sweet scent drifts in and entices the senses to pleasures yet anonymous. The aroma leads the enthralled follower to 1039 Decatur Street. Beneath the green-and-white striped awning stands the Cafe Du Monte, home of the world’s finest coffees and desserts. As orchestra plays outside the open-air cafe, pigeons descend in the square to congregate discarded crumbs, and the ambiance of "Paris in the Springtime" is complete. For less than five dollars, the connoisseur of tasty treats can enjoy a cup of cafe au lait (coffee and chicory blended with milk) and a fresh, warm signet (deep-fried doughnut-like pastry dusted with powdered sugar). Of all the simple inducements in life, this guilty pleasure ranks among the sweetest--no pun intended. In brief, New Orleans's French Quarter is a montage of historical, artistic, delicious delights to be savored by all who grace her fair streets. 

Museum of Art

The new Orleans Museum of Art, the city’s oldest fine arts institution, comprises a magnificent permanent accumulation of more than 40,000 objects. The collection, noted for its extraordinary strengths in French and American art, photography, glass, African and Japanese manufacture, continues to grow. The five-acre Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at NOMA one of the most important sculpture installations in the United States, with 50 of them situated on a beautifully landscaped site amongst meandering footpaths, reflecting lagoons, Spanish moss-laden 200-year-old live oaks, mature pines, magnolias, camellias, and pedestrian bridges.

St. Louis Cathedral in the F. Quarter

For further details, do visit the following website on Sacred Destinations

Therefore please don't hesitate, give yourself an opportunity to have an experience of your own!