'' Welcome to India''

The Weather

In regards to the climate of the Country, often during the summer season the weather (temperature) may become moderately tropical, and a minor mass of the rain storm certainly can occur in the certain areas. But, as the winter period approaches, the over all environment of the city reveals tremendous changes, as you get to experience something completely different during each season.

The Transport

We all enjoy traveling abroad, yet a simple arrangement for a vacation or leisure family trip in a location which you have already established would even bring such an experience that you will never want to forget. Moreover, the public transportation that is also very cheap such as buses can frequently become humid, which makes it unsuitable for a regular utility, particularly while intending on traveling on a long distance. Unfortunately, the population of the Country is significantly large, that due to the diffident traffic, as a result hinders the passengers from maneuvering along the driveway. So, if at any occasion you plan to drop in on other parts of the City, it would be (a lot more) advisable option to take a private transport such as your own vehicle to your disposal, if investing your time efficiently is taken into account. Although, a car maintenance along is quite expensive because of its consistent usage of petrol, this should not interfere with other additional expenditure at hand.

Food Products/Service

As far as the quality of ''food products'' are concerned as well as other utility equipments, the cost are sufficiently low, depending on the certain product and its brand. We also offer you a range of public dining; bars, restaurants, or even night clubs to keep an individual entertained.

Recruitment procedure/the possibilities to get into further employment

Here are a few tips for you:
To convince an employer that the position you have applied for is suitable for you, it is imperative that you state both your previous working and educational history in brief and to the point, adding what you have accomplished from each of those experiences with clarity and confidence. Upon the information having obtained from you, the interviewer would subsequently make their decision on whether you are the candidate they is looking based on the value you can contribute to the company. Keep in mind, that the salary negotiations come last, otherwise you would present yourself as someone who isn't really interested in the job, hence the opportunity for you to get hired are jeopardized. However, there is always the solution to this type of situtations.

There are many facilities at hand for you to get you into the right training at the right time by involving in some voluntary work for a temporary period of time, through which you can gain additional skills and experience. Then possibly you would find a better job that offers exactly what you need to earn a good income. But again, to be considered for the position you are applying by the company, acquisition of the knowledge in the field may not necessarily persuade the employer that you have what it takes to perform the job, unless you possess the qualities that would enable you to achieve the goals in the challenging working environments. These qualities are willingness to learn, abiltiy to cooperate with others effectively, and of course don't forget to explain the reasons for your interest in the company.

The following are the places which we believe you should get familiar with, if taking a vacation to India is what you have in mind.

The places to visit - New Delhi

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is one of the remarkable architectures of Baha'i faith. It is located at Kalkaji in New Delhi.The temple looks like a lotus flower and is made of marble, cement, dolomite and sand. The temple has no restrictions for visitors and is open to people from all religions. The place provides immaculate environment for meditation, peace and wisdom. The Baha'i temple was completed in 1986. Since then the temple has received recognition from all over the world for its splendid architecture and design. Lotus Temple is among the most visited monuments in India. The credit for building this beautiful structure goes to the Persian architect Fariborz Sahba from Canada.

Taj Mahal, and Red Fort

New Delhi is the capital of northern India after the Muslim invasion and also the political capital. The Taj Mahal was built as a mausoleum for the emperor Shan Jahan’s wife. He was considered the wealthiest man in the world at the time (early 17th century). The Taj Mahal is actually a complex not just one building, you should look around the entire complex which provides impressive views and structures. Nearby is the Red Fort which is an extravagant palace of the foreign Mughals (Indian for Mongols) empire.

India Gate

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the capital the India Gate today acts as a popular picnic spot for most of the tourists and citizens of Delhi. Also known as the 'All India War Memorial', the India Gate in Delhi was constructed as a memorial in honor of 90,000 soldiers who surrendered their lives during World War I and also the Third Anglo Afghan War. 'Amar Jawan Jyoti' or the flame of the immortal warrior is burning under it since 1971. The eternal flame reprimands one of the sacrifices of those brave soldiers who forfeited their precious lives in an attempt to protect the country.India Gate in Delhi at present is a famous relaxation for the local people of Delhi in summer evenings and a popular picnic spot in winter months. The popular India Gate is located at the heart of the capital, and easily accessible by the tourists.

For details, visit this websiteNational_Capital_Territory_of_Delhi

Can't find what you are looking for? Search no further. Our mission is to provide the customer with all the assistance and care that they need to make each of their experience during and after visit to India even more fascinating and memorable. We believe in quality, not quantity. In that case, what benefits the customer can expect from us is the reliability and consistence in our service delivery.

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