Indonesia is a tourist's delight. There are number of places to see in Indonesia. These include the capital city of Jakarta, beach resorts of Bali and Lombok, and the wonderful islands of Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan. As Indonesia is a tropical country and one of the last remnants of tropical rain forests on the earth, it is home to rich flora and fauna and hence a major attraction for nature lovers.

Beach Bali

Bali Temple

Bali Village

Best time to visit Indonesia

The most advisable period to visit Indonesia is during a dry season between April and October. The humidity is relatively less and weather is pleasant at this time of the year. Though travel in the wet season is possible in most parts of Indonesia, it can be an impediment to involve in the certain activities.

Business & Economy

Economy of Indonesia is mainly based on agriculture and oil. Approximately 90% of the population is engaged in agriculture. In the agricultural sector, Indonesia has become self sufficient in rice and does not need to import this staple food as it had for years. Earlier, oil and gas used to be a major foreign exchange earner, but rising domestic consumption and stagnant oil production has now made Indonesia, a net distributor of oil.

Tourism is steadily gaining ground and is emerging as major foreign exchange earner for the country. Indonesia is rich in natural resources, forestry products, rubber, coffee, tea, tin, nickel, copper, palm products & fish deliver important contributions to export finance endorsements. In recent years a number of steps have been taken to promote and stimulate non-oil exports, which include handicrafts, textiles, precious metals, tea, tobacco, cement, fertilizers as well as manufactured goods.

Indonesia maintains a liberal foreign exchange system and includes few factors that prohibit transfers abroad, and in general freely allows conversions to and from foreign currencies. With the objective of a more equitable distribution of development acquisition, the government provides high priority to expansion in the less expanded regions of the country, therefore the creation of employment opportunities for the country's growing labour force. To attract foreign capital, certain incentives are available, including other several sectors which are open to foreign investment.

Weather of Indonesia

Because of its proximity to equator, Indonesia has tropical climate. Generally, the weather is hot and humid. Indonesian climate is divided into two distinct seasons: dry and rainy seasons. Most of Indonesia has their rainy periods from October through April, but certain places like Maluku have theirs from March to August. Some areas can have sudden showers for more than two hours.

Visa regulations

There are several types of visas, such as Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Multiple-entry Visa applicable (for business travelers only) and Transit Visa. All visitors to Indonesia must possess passports valid up to a minimum of six months after arrival, including an evidence of onward passage out of the country.


sanchi said...

Indonesia is a good place for travel. The Bali and Lombok beach is so beautiful.

akhil said...

Indeed Bali is a great place. never been there, but would love to go in the near future.