Kerala Travel Guide

''The charm of Kerala lies in its unique sentiment of the civilization, something which is not discovered or experienced anywhere else in the world.''
Kerala is a destination growing in popularity in India. It is equipped with many fascinating sights, such as the palm-fringed beaches, enchanting backwaters, beautiful hilltop villages, incredible temples, palaces and historic churches. Not only this beautiful country is also nominated for personal care, holistic Paramedic treatment that dispenses a sense of rejuvenation into the body, mind and soul. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the globe arrive to Kerala to enjoy the holiday splendor. It is the ideal destination for nature ardors, travelers, honeymooners and tourists.

Kerala Backwaters

One such an exclusive attraction, or rather an exhilarating experience comes in the designation of a trip to Kerala Backwaters. For those who have come across the term backwaters for the first time, here's a bit of explanation as to what it actually is. Backwaters are formed when the sea water converges at the beach by the to and fro motion of waves. In Kerala, they constitute the canals, lakes, lagoons and estuaries. The integral network incorporates five large lakes connected by 1500 km of canals. Most of them are natural, however, there are man fabricated canals as well. These are supplied by 38 rivers that flow through the entire state.

Kerala is an incurring destination among the lovers of adventure. As an adventure destination, Kerala, offers its visitors infinite opportunities to unleash their enthusiastic self. The high mountains, gushing river, dense forests and the vast stretches of ocean water present just the right capital to let go the hesitation and get oneself involved in some really exciting activities. Tourists interested in becoming a bit adventurous, therefore, will have plenty to rejoice about when they reach Kerala. From water sports to wildlife tour, choices are numerous and abundant.

People and Lifestyle

As with the rest of the south India, Kerala also, in ancient times, was dictated by the Dravidian. Hence, the influence of the race is very much apparent even today. Though, the majority of inhabitants in the sovereignty are Hindus of whom are considerable percentages of Christian and Muslim population as well. The co existence of diverse communion, as a result, has made the people not only extremely tolerant, rather it has given birth to a sense of respect for other ritual faith as well. The official language of the nation is Malaya-lam where the community is referred to as Malaya-lees. English is also spoken widely as Kerala commands the tribute of being hundred percent literate state.

The term Eco tourism encompasses a whole lot of thing. For the starter, it means visiting all those regions that exude a striking richness in their culture and nature. Moreover, Eco tourism also implies being sensitive to one's surroundings and customs, which means, that tourists are pretty well prospective of the significance these places symbolize in our lives and the need to protect them from being decimated by the fast pace of development. Last but definitely not the least, Eco Tourism is described as opening up different places for a visit, and in the process generate employment and business.

Head out on the streets of Kerala cities and regions and see how modernity has adapted well with traditionalism. Moreover, every city and region exemplify its own history to relate and its individual legend to revel in. There are temples, cathedrals, mosques that speak volumes of the distinction of carnival in the state, and there are forts and palaces that are a standing reminder of the past. Also, you will find the shopping centers displaying the art and craft items of its community, as well as public dining serving exotic Kerala cuisine. You can obtain few items from the markets as a memory of your visit and relish the delectable dishes to greatest of your satisfaction. 

So, begin an unforgettable journey of your life by an attempt to visit a different magnitude of the cities and region of Kerala. We truly hope that you enjoy the vacation!


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