Pondicherry is a diminutive town in the South East coast of India, famous for its French colonial heritage, its cosmopolitan culture and the beaches which have yet managed to preserve along with the festivals solidly distinctive from the rest of the Indian subcontinent. The Union Terrain of Pondicherry is surrounded by the digit of four different coastal regions following as Karaikal, Yanam, Viz-Pondicherry and Ma-he, where the sphere has been significantly disseminated by three states in the country – Pondicherry in Tami Nadu, Ma-he in the West Coast of Kerala as well Yanam in Andre Pradesh, frequently referred as '' A little piece of Medieval France in India.''

Matri Mandir

This is a spiritual and a physical center. It is a testimonial to The Mother as a vision of unity and harmony to mankind. The remarkable monument in the form of a massive golden globe is a place for quite reflection and meditation. The inner sanctuary, unlike the traditional temple, does not enshrine an image of the mother but has an abstract representation of her notion of spirituality rendered in light and glass.

We now would like to introduce you to some of the most amazing locations based within the district of Pondicherry, as follows:

Tourism enthrallment and the places to discovered for every tourist.

The Beaches


Auroville beach is based just outside town (about 10 km from Pondicherry) and is much more peaceful than the Serenity Beach (during weekdays). Chunnambar backwaters are a popular spot for adventure activities, such as scuba diving, surfing and other water sports. The main tourist circle of Pondicherry is constructed by its four major beaches, e.g. Promenade, Paradise, Serenity and Auroville. The beaches are pro-fused with life and provide amazing tourist satisfaction, as you would also be able to see various important structures in the nearby places, including an old lighthouse. Strolling on the lovely beaches and tracing the cultural background would be an unmitigated delight for a visitor.

The Magnificent Historical Statues

This is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi on the beach of Pondicherry, a city South of Chennai. Pondicherry, Mahe (on the west coast) Yanem and Karaikkal were distributed over the coast and remained as the Dominion of France when the Indian subcontinent was held under the government of Britain. They acquired independence only much later, having then remained beneath the direct Central authority for a certain time. Due to many attractions following such as Auroville and the heritage of French culture including its architecture, this city is now a tourist destination. Pondicherry is a city, prodigious on historical appreciation of freedom fighters, patriotic leaders and intellectuals. Thereby a lot of monuments and statues have been surrendered by these beloved precursors. Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru can be revealed in the streets, while statues of the French heroes, Joseph Francois Duple-ix and Joan of Arc can also be seen in Goubert Avenue and Dumas Street Church, duly.


Boasting of its proud history, Pondicherry treasures all the incidents having taken place in the city. The galleries inherit war reflections and cultural artifacts, enabling a tourist to become aware of the city’s heritage. The Bharathidasan Museum, is a treasure house of the works of the 20th Century poet by the same identity, as well as Jawahar Toy Museum, The French War Memorial on Goubert Avenue and the Museum for youngsters are some other places, worth seeing.

Garden And Parks

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens situated in the center of the city provides a cool retreat from the oppressing heat and humidity. It lounges over a 22 acres area, and here you can just relax, listen to the twittering of birds and uncover the rich variety of flora.The Botanical Gardens is 178 years old. There you will find each and every tree or plant labeled with scientific, common and Tamil names. This has been possible due to the efforts of Department of Tourism. Pondicherry has its fair contribution of landscape beauty as well, within its beautiful gardens. Take a look at the Botanical Gardens, which is a replica of French architecture offering a musical fountain for entertainment. Ousters Wetland and National Park will familiarize you to the aquatic world of the city, along with its array of water birds. 

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